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Our pizzas
from the wood oven

Pizzeria in
Peschiera del Garda

The Pizzeria is located in a fine architectural building, "under a conservation order", in the historic centre of Peschiera del Garda.

A wide and diverse national and international clientele has always constantly and unanimously expressed their appreciation for the PIZZA proposed by the Pizzeria "all'orologio" in Peschiera del Garda. All our pizza can be filled or flavoured with "delicious" ingredients and, on request, they may be also "personalised".


The taste of our pizza is enhanced by the flavour of the wood used for their cooking into our "firewood oven". The dough is made with organic flour, with natural yeast and a 24 h rise which makes it highly digestible. The tomato is domestically-produced, if possible organic, and the extra virgin olive oil is produced with domestic PDO olives. The mozzarella is made with Italian fresh rennet and spices and herbs are natural. The prosciutto used is a PDO prosciutto of Parma.


The Pizza menu includes


which contains detailed information on

  • the ingredients of our pizza
  • the takeout containers
  • our firewood oven
  • the wood
  • hygiene, health and safety and preservation of the environment
  • and the "ALLERGENS" information sheet, which are indicated, if present, in the description of every pizza on the menu.

Wood oven

Ingredients 100% made in Italy



For the most loyal and discerning clients it is also possible to enjoy it in a special atmosphere on this suggestive with flowers embellished sky terrace, located on the 4th floor of the facility directly accessed by lift. Unique in the historic centre of Peschiera, it has got a beautiful view on the panorama facing San Marco square, with view on the river Mincio and a few meters from Lake Garda, which may be seen with its mountain crown from the sky terrace too.

The service is supported by a heated dumbwaiter kitchen/terrace. The terrace is equipped with a motorised and air conditioned "pergotenda" and with a specific service area which makes it enjoyable and comfortable at all the hours and climate conditions, exception made for extraordinary events.

In addition to the delicious pizza "all'orologio", in detail described on the menu PIZZA, "all'orologio" offers a complete gourmet menu, which full version may be found under the specific section "RISTORANTE".

  • Piazza S. Marco 7
  • 37019 Peschiera Del Garda (VR)
  • Italia